Arlene Webster has spent more than ten years in various health care administrative positions and completely knows the health care academic educational process, the delivery method and especially the team members who deliver the product. Her company will find the right person for the position then counsel and educate health care workers to send them into an infrastructure environment tailored to their professional and personal needs.
Dr. Denny De Petrillo, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Gynecology and Surgery, University of Toronto


Webster Health Corporation is an all-inclusive boutique health care consulting firm creating high-performance health care environments. Health care is a business, not just for the large health care organizations but for the physicians in private practice as well. With so many new physicians setting up practices you need a partner that will guide you in the right direction. With over 10 years experience in physician recruitment and retention, Webster Health Corporation demonstrates a true commitment to the medical community by linking physicians to practice locations that will grow their business.

Starting up a surgical practice can be a very stressful experience. Webster Health Corporation provided invaluable assistance to me during this time. Arlene Webster helped with everything from finding an office space and its design to negotiating the lease agreement and hiring a secretary. I would strongly recommend Arlene for her experience, knowledge and connections. She made the entire process a seamless one.
Dr. David Weizman / General Surgeon / Vaughan, ON


With over 10 years experience in both academic and community hospitals, Webster Health Corporation can assist you with credentialing and also identifying the best location for your practice, to recruiting the best talent for your office and marketing your practice!

In 2009, Arlene implemented the First National Doctors' Day in Canada. She then went on to work alongside MPP Reza Moridi to bring a private members bill forward to the Legislature that was passed to proclaim May 1 Doctors' Day in Ontario. Arlene is a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and the National Network of Medical Affairs Professionals. A genuine health care professional.
Dr. Jack Moussadji / Family Practice / Vaughan, ON


Let Webster Health Corporation take care of everything including new referral sources, as well as listing and selling your home to finding a new home and schools for your children.

Arlene Webster, with her years of leadership experience in health care, has the breadth and the depth of experience which is rare to find in the health care industry.
Dr. Neilank Jha / Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon / Chairman, KONKUSSION


Are you a physician who is taking a sabbatical or maternity leave? Webster Health Corporation will find a locum physician to ensure that your patients receive the quality care they have come to expect.


Want to stay on top of your business? Let us connect you with our professional associates at GeoMed OHIP Billing Services. They offer peace of mind and quality personalized support tailored around your busy schedule. They'll work with you to design practice-specific day sheets, custom tailored to meet your needs. Their services also include: daily submission of claims (including a summary report and rejection follow up) and monthly summaries / reconciliation of claims.

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Arlene Webster
President & CEO

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